Acquiring Nature’s Goodness – Rju Source Traceability

Acquiring Nature’s Goodness – Rju Source Traceability

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Dear Reader, 

Hello from your Rju hydration buddies! Welcome to this edition of the Rju Water Wisdom Blog, where we disclose to you the great lengths we have gone to, to acquire nature’s goodness for a curated range of products designed to fulfil your skincare requirements!

As we all know, our skin is constantly exposed to environmental aggressors including harmful toxins, pollutants, and the damaging rays of the sun. Being the outermost, and hence the most vulnerable part of our body, it is quite easy for our skin to get negatively affected by the harsh environment. And so, it becomes even more critical that our skin is cared for with an efficient regimen that helps to prevent and manage these effects. In order to achieve that, it is important to ensure we use only the highest quality of ingredients and the most suitable ones depending on our skin type. 

In addition, a crucial aspect of an effective skincare regime is Hydration. Skin that is adequately hydrated will be radiant and appear healthy and nourished, which is what we strive for with our specially curated ranges. Water is the elixir of life and is very important for the sustenance of every living organism. At Rju, each of our skincare ranges contain rare and precious skincare ingredients from exotic water-based eco-systems of the world.

Researching Our Ingredients

Our range of skin and body care products are created with best-in-class ingredients to help retain and regain skin health. The journey to find these ingredients has been a long and difficult one, but it has been worth the effort. We strive to create products based on our core values of authenticity and sustainability, and the search for our hero ingredients have been guided by these same principles. 

At Rju, we ensure that every skin type gets the nourishment it deserves, and every skin related problem is addressed so that you can be your best and most confident self. The ingredients for each range are identified keeping these factors in mind. This has been accomplished together with a team of experts, who have decades of experience among them in formulating high performing skincare products. 

With concerted efforts over the last two years, the outcome is something we are proud of – a range of products that have the purity and goodness of water, sourced from the exotic, water-based ecosystems of Gangotri, Nile and Jeju regions. Here is a flavour of the authentic water-based eco-systems we have sourced our hero ingredients from.

The Purity of Gangotri Hydration

Situated in the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, in a region bordering Tibet, the Gangotri Glacier is the chief source of water for the largest river of India – the Ganges. During summer, the melting Gangotri Glacier feeds the Bhagirathi River, which is the source stream of the Ganges. Situated at more than four thousand metres, it is one of the most beautiful natural habitats in the world. The Gangotri glacier is one of the largest glaciers present in the Himalayas and stretches to a length of about 32 kilometres, with an estimated volume of over 27 cubic kilometres. An integral part of Indian culture, the Gangotri Glacier and the Ganges River are both key players that have shaped the history, culture, politics, and lifestyle of North India. The waters in this upper stretch of the Ganges flow at a rapid pace, with extremely high levels of oxygen dissolved in them. This pristine eco-system is the source of several traditionally used herbs which are being rediscovered by modern medicine and skincare researchers alike. 

Rju has used the special ingredients from this pristine ecosystem to develop a water-inspired detoxifying range of skincare products which helps balance sebum production on the skin’s surface. This hydrating and purifying range has been created to balance out the acne and oiliness of skin.

We have mindfully used several carefully curated ingredients from the Gangotri region across our products, like Siris, Jatamansi, Ushir, Kumud, Mandukaparni, Lodhra, Kesara, Yashtimadhu, Peppermint oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Kumud etc.

The Renewal of Nile Hydration

The Nile is the longest river in the world, measuring in at 6,650 kilometres from end to end. Historically, culturally, and spiritually, the Nile has been inextricably linked with the hot and arid conditions, and endless waves of golden sandy dunes which covers much of Egypt, although it traverses through more than nine countries in Africa. The Nile acts as a lifeline and a saviour for most of this parched area, providing rich silt deposits along its banks, due to which agriculture is made possible. Throughout ancient times, it has been regarded as a mystical body of water, with origins hidden in deep swamps and marshes, which helped the entire Egyptian civilisation to rise and thrive. Hence, the Nile has literally been breathing life into the parched Saharan deserts from time immemorial. In fact, the majestic Nile River closely resembles the lotus flower, which was a symbol for the regeneration of life in ancient Egypt, making this river truly special. 

The annual flooding of the Nile River has been depositing rich soil on its banks over centuries. It is this nutrient rich black deposit, that has been the bedrock for the plant diversity in the region. RJU imbibes this very life-infusing potency from the ingredients found in the Nile region, within its products, that give deeply hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

We have mindfully used several carefully curated ingredients from the Nile region across our products, like Neroli Oil, African Sesame Oil, Nilotica Shea Butter etc.

The Clarity of Jeju Hydration

Jeju island is a volcanic island located off the Southern tip of South Korea and is an oasis of beauty. It is popularly known as the “Hawaii of Korea” and boasts luxurious forests and stunning waterfalls. It is home to the Hallasan mountain, which is a large dormant volcano that dominates the skyscape. Mount Halla helps anchor the biodiversity of the island and the region has more than 50 plant species that flourish there. Jeju island is one of the most botanically diverse and least polluted areas in the world. The soil there is mixed with volcanic ash, which makes it extremely rich in nutrients, and therefore adds extra vitality to any vegetation growing there. It is also blessed with mild weather and clean air due to land and sea breezes. It has also been designated a global UNESCO Geopark due to the rich bio-diversity and geographical landforms of the region.

In recent times, Jeju Island has gained a lot of prominence in the world of beauty and skincare. This is primarily due to the enhanced potency of the ingredients grown and sourced from there. Various natural factors combine to create this perfect ecosphere, which is the source of several efficacious ingredients with unmatched skincare benefits which impart clear, glass-like bright skin upon usage.

We have mindfully used several carefully curated ingredients from the Jeju region across our skincare products, like Jeju Jori, Jeju White Blossom, Hallabong Oil, Jeju Hydrangea etc.

Source Traceability And Safety Practices

Some of the aspects we keep in mind while doing ingredient sourcing from these various exotic bio-spheres are as follows:

1. Source Traceability of Ingredients

Each of the identified hero ingredients in Rju products are authentically sourced from accredited sourcing partners. This helps us to assure our consumers of the authenticity of the ingredients used in our formulations,

2. Safety Assessment of Ingredients

A team of skincare and safety experts assess the safety of all ingredients before they are used in our products. We draw on the latest scientific research and refer to government mandates for information regarding ingredient restrictions. All products made and sold by Rju are safe to use as intended. 

3. Internationally recognized and accepted Ingredients

All the ingredients incorporated in our products meet the highest industry standards and are recognized as safe for use. It is our constant endeavour to comply with new or amended laws regarding the ingredients used in our products to ensure our commitment to product safety. Our Quality team ensures that our products are compliant to the highest industry standards.

We are committed to selling safe products and work diligently to make sure that our products and packaging meet the standards put forth by the international governmental, regulatory, and scientific bodies, as well as our internal rules and standards.

4. Final Product Safety & Assessment

Every product created, goes through a thorough evaluation before it hits the market to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety. 

All Rju products are dermatologically tested for safety on skin. We also constantly make changes to our products according to the feedback given by our customers. We don’t conduct any animal testing and all Rju products are cruelty free, sans parabens and SLS and don’t contain artificial colours or pigments. 

How Rju helps with Skin hydration

Rju is a beauty brand that believes in providing skincare products that are pure, rejuvenating and authentic in every form. Every product created at Rju is carefully researched and sourced from different exotic water-based eco-systems of the world. 

Hydration is the core principle of the brand and all its products and every Rju SKU is designed to provide skin with a healthy dose of hydration that it needs.

Being a consumer-centric brand, safety has always been our top priority. All our products are researched and thoroughly tested before they reach our consumers. 

To know more, reach us at 18008890458 or write to us at

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