Decoding skin - A holiday edition

Decoding skin - A holiday edition

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Can you imagine this glorious year is soon concluding?  Ironically the Holiday Season is that time of the year when those challenges are at their peak. Winter season or not! - this is the Holiday Season!! It’s that time of the year when social circuits are abuzz. Your calendars are filled with social engagements but what about your skin?? It’s all starting to happen, and this is that time of the year when we need to look our glowing best. You can hydrate and moisturise your skin so that it receives all the healthy nutrients and much needed water resulting in a never before seen glow that would make heads turn at every event you attend during this Holiday Season.

Nourishing your skin during the Holiday Season

Most of you have some basic rudimentary understanding about skin care and unknowingly use the same products on your skin throughout the year. That is the first and foremost mistake that most of you make. To understand why that is grossly wrong it is important to know that our entire body is covered in a living pulsating thriving envelope like protective layer that is called the skin. It is also the largest organ of the body and like all the other organs in our body it also needs to be correctly nourished and cared for so that it stays healthy and vibrant and happily glows. 

The skin is a very important multi-layered organ that is busy all the time (even when you don’t know it) carrying out numerous functions that keep us safe and looking good. So! when it comes to understanding skin care we will limit our attention to the three layers of the skin which are:

  1. Epidermis

    The thin outermost layer. The layer that is your body’s greatest defender. It is the layer that faces the maximum attacks and beating in all forms be it the germs and bacteria around us, weather, pollution, UV rays and what not.  Don’t be surprised  but it is this very layer that is continuously dying and regenerating itself by producing new skin. So, it is but natural that we need to take good care of the Epidermis and provide it with all the vital nutrients for it to, in turn function properly and protect us. So, remember when your skin is glowing it is an indicator that it is healthy and if your skin is healthy then quite naturally you are healthy – it’s all interconnected. We, at Rju, have always stressed on proper scientifically proven ways to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

  2. Dermis

    The second but equally important layer. This layer too works in tandem with the Epidermis and carries out many important functions like sweating, making and secreting oil or sebum, blood supply, feel or touch sensations etc but we will limit ourselves with two important skin proteins that are found in this layer and which most of you would be aware of and which are Collagen and Elastin. These two skin proteins help keep your skin strong, help maintain its shape, its structure, firmness, and elasticity. Both these proteins Collagen and Elastin need proper hydration for them to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

  3. Hypodermis

    The hypodermis is deep to the dermis and is also called subcutaneous fascia. It is the deepest layer of skin and contains adipose lobules along with some skin appendages like the hair follicles, sensory neurons, and blood vessels. It is the bottom layer of skin in your body. It has many important functions, including storing energy, connecting the dermis layer of your skin to your muscles and bones, insulating your body and protecting your body from harm. As you age, your hypodermis decreases in size, and your skin starts to sag.

Most of you never fully realize how drinking the right amount of water can radically affect the way your skin looks. So, in the true Rju Spirit of  Transparency, Purity, and Authenticity, let us examine what would be the possible outcomes on your skin if these layers of our skin were not hydrated and properly nourished and then guide you along on how to replenish and rejuvenate your skin so that it glows and radiates not only during this Holiday Season but  always.

Reduced or inadequate hydration and nourishment to the skin can lead to

  • Buildup of toxins
  • Loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone leading to loose and sagging skin
  • Skin loses its glow and appears dull
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Healing process of skin slows down
  • The Ph balance is disturbed
  • Skin Ageing
  • Puffiness

Now to this lack of hydration and nourishment add all the challenges and demands on your skin during the wintry weather and heightened social engagements during the Holiday Season.

  • Extreme temperature exposure to cold outdoors and heated indoors
  • Long periods of Make-up and other products on the skin
  • Improper cleansing and removal of Make-up and products from skin
  • Late nights
  • Improper diet
  • Lack of proper rest

Our skin and its health define who we are. It’s never too late to understand the dynamic needs of your skin and establish proper customised skin care routines that would not only reverse any adverse changes that have occurred but also help your skin repair and rejuvenate into one beautiful glowing entity. 

Water is the single largest constituent of our body comprising 70% of our total body weight and it goes without saying that the skin too is largely dependent on water for its normal functioning, good health and the glow that comes with it.  That is why we at Rju focus fundamentally upon the entire water balance of your skin.

You’re on the threshold of the Holiday Season – what are you waiting for?

Take the first step by monitoring the intake of water and you will observe that most people always fall short in giving enough water to themselves. The quantity of water we give ourselves is always inadequate. Why? It is totally wrong to think that since it’s winter we don’t need as much of water what we normally drink in summer. You will be surprised to know that even in summer we don’t hydrate ourselves properly,

Next - Since skin care as already mentioned is a dynamic process, identify the best external hydrating products available which suit the current weather and seasonal requirements, your age, the work you do. Always be ready to change the product as when your circumstantial parameters change. Most importantly, if a certain product or routine is not providing the desired effect then find a better and more suitable alternative and do that quickly. Do not procrastinate and keep using a product that does not suit your personal needs.     

This Holiday Season as a gift to your skin provide it with proper skin care and products that are going to properly hydrate and nourish it – the glow that emanates is the sign of a happy healthy skin.

Happy Holidays!

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