Winter Wonderland: The Best Rju Tips for North's Snowy Adventures

Winter Wonderland: The Best Rju Tips for North's Snowy Adventures

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With winter approaching, it's time for all you winter enthusiasts to celebrate the joys of the season, whether you're hitting the slopes for some snowboarding or skiing adventure or cozily sipping hot drinks by the fireplace. Regardless of your choice, remember that winter holidays can be a bit challenging for your skin. That's why Rju is here to offer some essential tips on how to pamper and protect your skin, hair, and eyes while you enjoy your winter getaway.

Effects of snowy winters and adventures on our skin

While you're relishing the thrills of the slopes, your skin encounters some formidable foes. The frigid mountain air, sometimes reaching bone-chilling temperatures akin to the iciest depths of winter, poses a formidable challenge.It can strip your skin of its precious moisture, causing unwelcome guests like redness, itchiness, and even the lurking danger of frostbite. It's absolutely important to bundle up smartly, keeping warm and safeguarding your skin during those precious breaks. In addition to this, mountains tend to intensify solar radiation: per 1000 meters, UVB rays are increased by about 20 percent, the snow’s reflection increasing their strength.

Simultaneously in the chilly weather, your skin's natural oil production, called sebum, slows down. In temperatures below zero, it practically stops altogether. Sebum plays a crucial role in keeping your skin hydrated. It forms a thin, protective layer that prevents moisture from escaping. Without it, your skin can become dry and brittle.

While your exhilarating snowbound adventures unfold, your skin faces a double assault. The cold weather not only takes a toll on your facial skin but also extends its icy grasp to your hands and feet. Even when gloved up, your hands may emerge from your snowy escapades feeling dry and rough. Similarly, your trusty ski boots, though snug, don't always shield your feet from the cold and damp conditions. Therefore, after a rewarding day on the slopes or in the snow, it becomes essential to pamper your hands and feet, ensuring they remain resilient against the onslaught of winter weather.

Rju’s Expert Recommendations

To craft a comprehensive skincare routine tailored for snowy adventures, the journey commences in the morning. Begin by restricting your shower time to a brief 10 minutes, using lukewarm water to preserve your skin's protective barrier's resilience. Opt for a modest amount of shower gel and a gentle facial cleanser to maintain moisture. Following this, apply a rejuvenating moisturizer, and don't overlook the significance of sunscreen to shield your skin from the wintry sun's rays.

For your body's wellbeing, it's essential to employ a hydrating body lotion. But the care doesn't end there! The ultimate safeguard against cold, wind, and dampness, especially when donning snug gloves, is a rich layer of lotion infused with shea butter. Always remember to reapply after each handwashing.

After a day spent conquering the snow, when your legs are weary and in need of relief, start with a warm footbath infused with a few drops of revitalizing eucalyptus or mint oil. This invigorating soak not only enhances blood circulation but also soothes and rejuvenates your legs.

Conclude your snowy skincare regimen by generously applying a soothing body lotion to maintain your skin's hydration and protection throughout your frosty escapades. Embrace the magic of winter with radiant and pampered skin.

The Rju Nile Skincare Range: Your Ultimate Companion for Snowy Escapades

Face care

  1. Start with for our Nile Deep Hydrate Cleanser. The Nile Deep Hydrate Cleanser, your ally in snowy adventures, nurtures and cleanses, supporting cell growth for that soft, supple feel. Infused with Neroli and African Sesame Oils, it offers intense moisture, rejuvenation, and defense against inflammation and damage—ideal for wintery escapades. You can shop the Nile Deep Hydrate Cleanser here -

  2. After cleansing, transition to nourishing your skin with our Nile Rejuvenating Day Cream. This potent cream is infused with detoxifying attributes, reestablishing equilibrium and radiance in your skin while keeping sebum production in check. Its anti-inflammatory components work harmoniously to calm irritations and diminish redness, all while fortifying your skin's defense against harsh chilly weather. Immerse your skin in the goodness of carefully selected ingredients from the pristine Nile, effectively keeping your skin moisturised for your snowy adventures. You can shop the Nile Rejuvenating Day Cream here -

  3. For your snowy mountain nights, you can swap out your daytime routine with the Nile Rejuvenating Night Cream. This luxurious cream is tailored to target fine lines, enhance skin elasticity, and reveal a radiant complexion. It boasts an exclusive blend of nurturing ingredients, including Neroli Oil and African Sesame Oil sourced from the Nile River Region. These potent antioxidants not only deeply hydrate your skin but also aid in reducing inflammation and encouraging natural rejuvenation.

    The Nile Rejuvenating Night Cream is clinically proven to give softer and smoother skin within 4 weeks and improve skin elasticity within 3 months of use.*

    *Disclaimer : Based on 12 weeks clinical study conducted on 36 subjects.

    You can shop the Nile Rejuvenating Night Cream here -

  4. Given the heightened UVB radiation during snowy weather, safeguarding your skin is essential, and what better way to do it than with our Jeju Radiance Sunscreen? Formulated with ingredients derived from the lush, snow-kissed landscapes of Jeju Island, it offers robust protection against the harsh winter sun, boasting an impressive SPF 40 and PA++++ rating. This sunscreen, known for its lightweight and creamy texture, not only shields your skin but also gently reduces imperfections and dark spots, ensuring your skin remains even-toned and luminous in the snowy conditions. You can shop the Jeju Radiance Sunscreen here -

Body Care

  1. The Nile Deep Hydrate Body Wash offers a luxuriously creamy cleansing experience, leaving your skin feeling exceptionally soft and supple while enhancing its elasticity. Enriched with exquisite ingredients sourced from the lush Nile River Basin, this body wash delivers deep cleansing and nourishment, effectively revitalizing dry skin, providing intense moisture, and rekindling skin's natural elasticity in the snowy winters.  You can shop the Nile Deep Hydrate Body Wash here -

  2. Revive and pamper your winter-worn, parched skin with the Nile Deep Hydrate Body Lotion. Its indulgent, luxuriously rich consistency guarantees profound moisturization upon the initial use. Enriched with meticulously chosen elements from the Nile River Region, this body lotion doesn't just smoothen and hydrate your skin; it also helps combat dryness and delivers a dose of antioxidants. The result? Hydrated, vibrant, and refreshed skin even in the harshest snowy conditions. You can shop the Nile Deep Hydrate Body Lotion here -

Don’t forget your Apres Ski Sauna

One of the best aspects of après ski might just be a little down time in a sauna. After full days skiing or boarding in the cold, your tired muscles are craving some TLC. The bonus of a trip to the sauna is that it can significantly reduce the risk of injury, while increasing your athletic performance. Make sure to stretch as soon as you finish your snowy workout, after which you should head over to a steam room, sauna or a massage.

One of the first things to remember when it comes to regular sauna trips is to not overdo it on intensive skin peelings. Once a week is more than enough while pairing it up with our Nile Day Care/Night Care Regime. This helps remove dead skin cells in a non-invasive way, leaving your skin more receptive to nourishment afterwards, and at the same time protected from harmful UVA rays. It also supports the skins own ability to renew itself, feeding it all the things the winter tends to draw away: a vital, moisturized look and feel.

After a well-deserved trip to the sauna, it’s best to avoid hot showers, as the hot water would basically melt away your skin’s naturally greasy protective layer, the same one that protects you from the cold. Go for a slightly less than warm shower session instead, following it up with the Nile Body Lotion. When applied to moist skin, the hydrating ingredients have an easier time penetrating into deeper layers of the skin.

In conclusion, The Rju's Nile Range products are your perfect companions for elevating your snow skincare regimen, ensuring your skin stays soft and moisturized even in the harshest conditions. However, remember a few essential tips: remove excess cream when you return to your hotel to prevent skin issues, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and indulge in post-snow adventures relaxation, like a sauna session and massage to take care of your tired body. With these precautions, you're all set to embark on an amazing snowy adventure, feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the slopes.

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