5 Habits of People With Great Skin.

5 Habits of People With Great Skin.

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Achieving perfect, radiant skin might seem like a challenging quest, especially if your skin tends to be sensitive or reactive. With a variety of products vying for attention and hundreds of beauty influencers revealing their skincare secrets, the search for clear skin can be daunting.

In our latest blog, we're unveiling five practices that seamlessly blend into your routine, guiding you towards the path of healthy and luminous skin. Stay tuned for insights on achieving that Rju glow!


The key to unlocking great skin lies in embracing your skin's distinctive identity. Tailoring your skincare ritual to your skin's narrative is the first step toward achieving that coveted Rju radiance. Navigating the sea of skincare can be overwhelming, and sometimes, mixing various products like active ingredients can lead to skin irritation.

If you're in doubt about your skin's specific type or the most fitting regimen, allow us to illuminate the path. Dive into a personalized skin journey with our free consultation. Just reach out to us at rjucare@gmail.com or drop a message on Instagram @rjucare - https://www.instagram.com/rjucare/


Beware of the detrimental impact of UV rays on both your skin and overall health. UVA rays hasten aging, while UVB rays trigger painful sunburns. To counter this, wearing SPF daily is a wise practice. Experience the protective embrace of our Jeju Radiance Sunscreen, amplifying your skin's inherent solar defenses.

Crafted with ingredients derived from Jeju Island, the Jeju Radiance Sunscreen forms a resilient shield against environmental pollutants and harmful UV rays, boasting an SPF 40 with a PA++++ rating. This velvety-textured sunscreen not only safeguards but also gently diminishes imperfections and dark spots, unveiling an even and radiant complexion. Envelop your skin in the luminous clarity of the Jeju Radiance Sunscreen, a treasured gem from our Jeju range.

You can shop the Jeju Radiance Sunscreen Here - https://rju.co.in/products/jeju-radiance-sunscreen



If your goal is achieving clear skin the natural way, adopting a wholesome, well-balanced diet is a dual boon. It not only augments your overall well-being but also works wonders for your skin. Embracing a diverse menu abundant in nutrient-packed, antioxidant-rich foods such as berries and legumes can work wonders, purifying your skin from within and bestowing a luminous complexion.

Collagen, a vital foundational element in our body's architecture, acts as a structural protein that imparts youthful plumpness to the skin. As the years advance, collagen levels decline leading to diminishing skin elasticity, firmness, and resilience. Bolstering your body's inherent collagen with collagen-rich edibles like citrus fruits and leafy greens can yield smoother, plumper, and more radiant skin. Moreover, this practice extends its benefits to fortifying hair and nails, promoting their robust health.


"Beauty sleep" is more than just a saying – it's a fundamental prerequisite for achieving healthy, luminous skin. And that's not all; it's a boon for overall physical and mental wellness too. A restful night’s sleep helps your skin cells engage in a restoration. This encompasses repairing the daytime's UV-induced damage and creating new collagen, resulting in a plumper and more resilient complexion.

However, reaping these benefits requires consistent, high-quality slumber – a recommended seven hours as a rule. In our bustling lives, where our ties to social media, emails, and even streaming platforms are ceaseless, it's essential to disconnect and unwind. So, switch off and immerse yourself in tranquility for optimal skin and well-being.


When dealing with products like chemical and physical exfoliators, it's essential to embrace the "less is more" philosophy. Aggressive exfoliation can strip your skin of its natural oils, resulting in a compromised skin barrier. This vulnerability opens the door for bacteria and impurities, potentially leading to breakouts. Furthermore, a weakened barrier also disrupts moisture retention, causing dryness. Opting for milder formulations is the key to maintaining skin health while effectively eliminating dead skin cells that cause dullness.

Use a combination of our Jeju Glow Boosting Cleanser and Toner that deeply cleanses pores and helps provide a brightening effect on skin.

The silky texture of the Jeju Glow Boosting Cleanser ensures a brightening glow with every wash. Elevate your skin's vibrancy with exotic ingredients sourced from the Jeju Island Region. These components work harmoniously to fade spots, diminish blemishes, and bestow an impeccably even-toned glow.


The Jeju Glow Boosting Toner boasts a brightening formula that revives the skin. Infused with the essence of Jeju Jori and Jeju White Blossoms from the island's rich region, this toner refines pores, exfoliates with a gentle touch, rejuvenates, and locks in moisture.

You can shop our Jeju Glow Boosting Cleanser here - https://rju.co.in/products/jeju-cleanser and Jeju Glow Boosting toner here - https://rju.co.in/products/jeju-toner

Incorporating these five healthy habits into your skincare routine can truly elevate your journey to radiant, healthy skin. Remember, skincare is not just about products; it's a holistic approach that encompasses both internal and external well-being. Embrace your unique skin type, nourish your body with a balanced diet, prioritize quality sleep, practice gentle exfoliation, and indulge in our Jeju Range for a revitalizing glow. With Rju, achieving great skin isn't just a goal – it's a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. Your skin deserves the best, and these habits are the cornerstones towards a lifetime of confidence and vibrancy. So, embark on this journey with us, and let your skin's natural beauty shine through.

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