Pre-festive edition - skincare 101

Pre-festive edition - skincare 101

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The festive season is right around the corner, and everyone is busy planning their fabulous outfits and looks. However, amidst all the excitement, it's crucial not to overlook one essential aspect – your skin! Whether you're attending gatherings, going on holidays, joining virtual parties, or just relaxing at home in your cozy attire, your skin deserves some special care and attention. To help you achieve that coveted festive glow, we've put together a simple pre-festive skincare guide, a skincare 101, if you will, to ensure your skin is at its radiant best during the upcoming celebrations.

Prep your Skin

Preparing your skin is essential, especially when you'll be flaunting various festive looks this season. The first and crucial step in your skin prep routine is cleansing. Opt for our Gangotri Purifying Cleanser.

Our Gangotri Purifying Cleanser boasts detoxifying properties that work wonders for skin balance and clarity, providing a soothing experience. Right from the very first wash, it gently purifies your skin. Crafted with meticulously selected natural ingredients sourced from the pristine Gangotri Glacier region, this cleanser effectively combats dullness, gently cleanses oily and acne-prone skin, clears out pores, and reduces acne breakouts, leaving you with improved skin tone and texture. You can shop the Gangotri Purifying cleanser here -

Following your cleansing ritual, make sure to apply a toner to refine your skin's texture. Try our Gangotri Purifying Toner

Our Gangotri Purifying Toner contributes to better skin balance and enhanced skin clarity with consistent use. Enriched with the pure goodness of ingredients sourced from the Gangotri glacier regions, it effectively reduces acne breakouts and enhances skin texture. You can shop the Gangotri Purifying Toner here -

Refine your Skin

Now that you have a clean base, it's time to pick a serum that aligns with your
specific skin needs, whether it's replenishing moisture, enhancing radiance, or addressing signs of ageing. Serums are concentrated with active ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin, promoting a youthful and vibrant complexion.

Choose our Jeju Radiance Night Serum to enhance your skin's tone and texture.

The velvety texture of our Jeju Radiance Night Serum elevates skin vitality by boosting collagen production. Crafted to reduce pigmentation, stimulate skin regeneration, and refine skin tone and texture, this serum is clinically proven to increase skin hydration and brightness within 4 weeks of use*

(*Disclaimer: Based on 12 weeks clinical study conducted on 36 subjects.). Treat your skin to the rejuvenating essence of Jeju's water-derived night serum. You can shop the Jeju Radiance Night Serum here -

Now, let's focus on skin hydration, a vital step for plump and radiant skin. Achieve deep hydration with our Gangotri Oil Control Night Cream.

This cream, enriched with detoxifying properties, restores skin balance and clarity while controlling sebum production. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe irritation and redness, forming a protective shield against environmental pollutants. Crafted from exotic components sourced from the pristine Gangotri Glacier Region, this cream aids in acne prevention and breakout reduction. You can shop the Gangotri Oil Control Night Cream here -

Protect your Skin

No matter where you are or what you're celebrating, safeguarding your skin from the sun's harmful rays is essential. This is especially critical when outdoor activities are part of your festivities. Opt for our Jeju Radiance Sunscreen.

Crafted with ingredients sourced from the abundant, water-rich regions of Jeju Island, it provides defense against harmful UV rays with an impressive SPF 40 and PA++++ rating. This sunscreen, featuring a lightweight and creamy texture, gently diminishes blemishes and dark spots, leaving your skin with an even and radiant complexion. You can shop the Jeju Radiance Sunscreen here -

Don’t forget your Body Care. Revitalize your Skin

In the pursuit of a flawless pre-festive look, it's easy to become fixated solely on facial skincare. However, it's vital to remember that glowing beauty extends beyond just the face. While nurturing your facial skin with hydration and moisture is undoubtedly a cornerstone of any pre-festive skincare routine, don't overlook the significance of body care. Your skin craves hydration and care from head to toe. So, as you diligently focus on maintaining a radiant complexion, remember to extend that same commitment to the rest of your body.

Include our Ultimate Body Care Duo for your Perfect Body Care Regimen - The Nile Deep Hydrate Body Wash & The Nile Deep Hydrate Body Lotion.

The Nile Deep Hydrate Body Wash offers a luxuriously creamy cleansing experience, leaving your skin feeling exceptionally soft and supple while enhancing its elasticity. Enriched with exquisite ingredients sourced from the lush Nile River Basin, this body wash delivers deep cleansing and nourishment, effectively revitalizing dry skin, providing intense moisture, and rekindling skin's natural elasticity.

Nourish and rejuvenate your dry or mature skin with the Nile Deep Hydrate Body Lotion. Its opulent, ultra-rich texture ensures deep hydration from the very first application. Enriched with carefully selected ingredients from the Nile River Region, this body lotion not only softens and moisturizes your skin but also aids in addressing dry skin concerns and provides antioxidant benefits, leaving your skin hydrated, healthy, and revitalized.

You can shop the Nile Deep Hydrate Body Wash & Body Lotion here -

In conclusion, as you prepare for the upcoming festive season with excitement and enthusiasm, don't forget to prioritize your skin's well-being. You also have to remember: -

Simplicity reigns supreme
: A concise skincare regimen doesn't mean neglecting your skin's needs. More isn't always better; it's about selecting the right products in the right proportions for effective results.

Streamline your skincare: Just as you engage in festive cleaning at home, declutter your skincare cabinet by discarding unnecessary or expired products. A leaner selection allows you to maintain focus without feeling overwhelmed.

Consistency prevails: If complex skincare routines feel daunting, don't abandon them altogether. Begin with a straightforward routine tailored to your needs, gradually adding products as you become more comfortable.

You are what you eat: Your outward skin health reflects your internal well-being. Prioritize a balanced, nutrient-rich diet to nurture both your body and your skin. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

This festive season, make a commitment to both your inner and outer beauty, and revel in the joy of celebrating with healthy, glowing skin. Elevate your skincare game with Rju Essentials, and let your radiance shine throughout the festivities.

Skin up with Rju.
Kind to Skin. Kind to Earth. Beauty that Speaks.

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