Monsoon Skincare Hacks

Monsoon Skincare Hacks

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Skincare helps maintain and improve the health and appearance of the skin. It involves various steps and routines designed to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and treat the skin for various issues. Religiously maintaining a skincare routine can go a long way in improving overall skin health especially during the monsoons. The damp air and surroundings are humid or moist meaning you need to give your skin that added dose of TLC…

Monsoon skincare refers to the specific skincare routine and practices that are beneficial and necessary during peak monsoon season. Taking care of your skin during the monsoon season is essential because the increased humidity and moisture can lead to various skin issues like acne, fungal infections, and dullness. Here are some skincare hacks to help you maintain healthy and glowing skin during the monsoons:

1. Cleanse your face twice a day with a mild cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil and sebum, and pollutants. This will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin squeaky clean. The Gangotri Cleanser with Siris and Jatamansi is your best bet to acne-free and hydrated skin, this rainy season. Sebum control should be your skin’s first priority in the monsoons.
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2. Use a lightweight moisturizer: Even though it is humid, do not skip moisturizing. You can use a lightweight moisturizer that provides hydration without feeling too heavy on the skin. Look for ingredients like glycerine to keep your skin hydrated. You can try our Jeju Day and Night cream to keep monsoon dullness at bay and to give you dewy and glowing skin.
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3. Protect your skin from UV rays: Sunscreen is an absolute must, even on cloudy days. Yes, you read that correctly. An overcast sky does not warrant you from harmful UV rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and apply it generously on all exposed areas to protect your skin from long lasting damage. You are in luck! All our sunscreens have SPF and have varying degrees of PA rating. The PA rating system measures the level of protection a sunscreen provides against UVA rays, which are responsible for skin aging, wrinkles, and long-term skin damage. The higher the number of "+" symbols following "PA," the greater the level of UVA protection.

Here is a general guide to the PA rating system:

PA+: Some UVA protection

PA++: Moderate UVA protection

PA+++: High UVA protection

PA++++: Extremely high UVA protection

The Jeju Sunscreen has SPF 40 with PA++++ rating while the Nile sunscreen is enriched with SPF 35 with PA+++ rating. Grab yours today.

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4. Control excess oil: If you have oily or combination skin, you may experience an increase in sebum production during the monsoons. Use oil-free or mattifying products like oil-control toners, and blotting papers to manage the excess oil and prevent breakouts. Our Gangotri Toner has an array of benefits that will help maintain your skin health in this stormy season

Helps even skin tone

Helps maintain skin pH

Helps reduce sebum production

Helps reduce acne and acne scars

Helps make skin feel calm and soothed

Helps hydrate skin

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5. Keep your skin clean and dry: The humidity can make your skin more prone to infections. After getting wet in the rain, make sure to cleanse your skin and pat it dry. Avoid staying in wet clothes or shoes for too long to prevent fungal infections. After a long day’s work or even being out in the rain, a refreshing shower using our Gangotri Purifying Body Wash can work wonders. As the name suggests, the gel-based concoction is enriched with the goodness of Kumud and Peppermint oil that helps with bacterial infections and is also cooling and soothing for the skin. A warm water shower on a claggy evening defines the start to a blissful night in(or out 😊)

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6. Stay hydrated: Drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Stay hydrated to flush out toxins and keep your skin plump and moisturized.

7. Avoid heavy makeup: During the monsoons, it is best to keep your makeup light and minimal. Heavy makeup can clog your pores and lead to unruly breakouts. Instead, opt for waterproof or water-resistant formulas and focus on a natural, dewy look. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize before you apply makeup to shield the skin from harmful toxins.

To prevent monsoon-related skin infections, it is essential to maintain good hygiene practices and take necessary precautions. Maintain good personal hygiene, including washing hands frequently, especially before eating or touching your face. Remember, everyone's skin is unique, so it is important to listen to your skin's needs and make amends accordingly. Because sometimes, when it rains, it pours. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay acne-free!

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